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Department Responsibilities

The Department of Teaching and Learning is responsible for the following:

  • Curriculum and Instruction Committee
  • Management and development of PreK-12 curriculum
  • Selection and purchasing of textbooks and educational materials
  • Revision of course of study
  • Instructional support
  • Testing and assessments
  • Student achievement and other curriculum-related agendas.
  • Staff development
  • Career Education
  • Title IX
  • Grants
  • Partners in Education program with Milford-Miami Township Chamber of Commerce
  • Instructional computer software
  • Civil Rights Hearing officer
  • Sexual Harassment Compliance Officer

Professional development is an important component to ensure that teachers are following the state standards and utilizing the latest in technology and curriculum to offer students the most challenging work in class. A large component of CIA now also relates to state mandated assessments. The state requires numerous achievement tests covering the core subject areas. The district has to follow tight restrictions on the administration of tests, the collection of completed tests and the final analysis on the results.

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