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Service Program

Service Program

Students who volunteered at Flying Pig Race
Students volunteering at Flying Pig Race.

Milford Service Recognition Program Instructions

All students 9th-12th grade can be recognized for the Community Service they complete for Non-Profit organizations outside of school hours.  Volunteer hours will be verified and tracked and all students are eligible to receive prestigious national service awards.

1. Students are required to sign up here using their school-issued email address. The Milford email address will ensure students are correctly tracked over their school career. 

2. As students complete hours, the Service Verification Form (scroll down to the second page on this link) needs to be completed. Please print and fill out the forms for each volunteer experience. The form needs to include a signature from a representative of the organization. Forms MUST be scanned to PDF and submitted digitally through the Google Form links below. Be sure to choose the appropriate class link.

3. Students can Volunteer hours for any 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization or School outside of the school day.  Students are required to include a photograph documenting the volunteer experience to log hours on, so take a few photos of your service experience!

Milford Service Recognition Program Overview

The Milford Service Recognition Program benefits students and non-profit community partners. The program allows Milford to focus on creating a culture of MEANINGFUL service within the district. Students in grades 9-12, will be empowered to find and engage in worthwhile and relevant opportunities that directly relate to classroom curriculum, student interests, career endeavors, and topics important to the Milford community. 

All hours, outside of the school day, that students volunteer for a 501c organization can be tracked over a student's school career. A service resume can be generated to help students market themselves to colleges and the job force. The district will also maintain a record of total Volunteer Hours that Milford students are giving back to the community each year. Tracking allows Milford to leverage the power of the large student body for the support of local non-profit organizations. Milford will partner to provide non-profits with student volunteers that have an authentic and meaningful connection to their cause. Tracking hours also allows Milford to recognize students with two levels of National Awards: The Jefferson Award and the President's Volunteer Service Award. The awards allow the district to celebrate students and helps to level the playing the field for students that may not excel with traditional academics or athletics. 

Milford also encourages for Service Learning strategies to be incorporated into classroom environments. In the wise words of Martin Luther King, "The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate."

Jefferson Awards

Earn Nationally-Recognized Service Awards

When a student gives 20+ hours in one calendar year they will be recognized with The Jefferson Award.  

When a student gives 100+ hours in one calendar year they will be recognized with The Presidents Volunteer Service Award. Both awards are nationally recognized service awards.

Both awards are nationally recognized service awards and will be given each spring at the class awards nights. Also through, a Service Resume will be generated. Students are encouraged to attach this resume to college, internship, or employment applications.  

Students volunteering at Matthew 25 Ministries.
Students volunteering at Matthew 25 Ministries.

Local Organizations/Activities for Community Service

Hours will be tracked for volunteer work at any Non-profit Organization. Go to this website to verify a registered 501c organization. Please take a Verification Form to the organization/activity for verification signature.  You may use one sheet for multiple dates at the same location, but you must get each individual date/time signed.

List of Local Organizations 

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