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Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

REMINDER: Applications Required

Important changes have been made at the federal level to the Free and Reduced Meals Program. For Milford Schools families, this means a return to pre-pandemic operations. Parents, guardians and caregivers will be able to complete these forms beginning August 1 using QuikApps as part of the PaySchools parent portal. 

Parents may apply for Free/Reduced meals (or re-apply if their economic situation changes) at any time throughout the school year at, or you can obtain a paper application from your child’s school. Please keep in mind that any charges that occur prior to the approval of an application will be the responsibility of the parent to pay.

Families are required to complete and submit a current school year free/reduced meal application if they would like to see if their students qualify based on income or category eligibility. The first 30 days of the school year will carry over the meal status from 22-23 school year. School meals are offered to all students, unless you mark restrictions in the parent portal of your payschools’ account. Any negative balances accrued are the responsibility of the parent to pay during that school year.

Please remember to mark the fee waiver portion of the application or return your Direct Certification paper filled out!!!! ****Please apply quickly as approved applications cannot be backdated to cover charges made prior to the approval.  

**New this year...The Ohio Budget Bill will fully subsidize meals for students who qualify as "reduced" but not "free". This means that a student's breakfast (of applicable) and lunch will be provided at no cost. Please note that if a child requests a second meal, it will not be covered as part of the program. 

If you have questions with the process or application, please contact Kim Gregory in Nutrition Services at 513-576-4160.

How to Apply:

  • Click here to access PaySchools
    • Click here for a set-up guide for parents
  • Once you have PaySchools, set-up QuikApps which allows you to submit an application
  • Once you apply, you'll receive immediate notification of a decision

Have you signed up for PaySchools yet?

If not, you can do so here!

What makes PaySchools easier for parents?

  • You can add money to you account seamlessly
    • Money is visible immediately
    • Set up auto-replenish 
    • Set up reminders to add money
  • Using it is easy for students -- they just provide their student ID to access money in the account
    • Students can also pay with cash if the account isn't set up or is out of money
  • Parents can add in their own restrictions

To view your student's meal activity:

  • Select Reports from the right hand side menu
  • Choose the Meal/A La Carte Activity Report and the students for whom you wish to run the report  
  • You can also change the date range to view 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or a custom date range
  • Click on Generate Report to run the report
  • You will see a list of transactions from oldest to newest
  • Click on the triangle to the left of any transaction to see further details on the items ordered
  • The report will also show any payments deposited onto the account
  • The report can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file.

If you are having trouble, please call the parent help line at 877-393-6628. Their hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 7PM EST.

Check out the Menu Site

  • Build your own menu, including being able to see any allergens and dietary details
  • Keep up with any last minute changes due to supply chain disruptions
  • Access in all languages

Menu Website!

Menu Video Instruction

How to Use the Menu App

Click here to access the My School Menus app on Google Play
Click here to access the My Schools Menues app through the Apple Store

Updated Allergy Forms for the '23-'24 School Year

Non-Life Threatening Allergy Form

Life-Threatening Allergy Form

According to USDA, for substitutions in the national meal programs, an allergy form must be turned in to our office annually. A life threatening allergy form will need a physician signature ANNUALLY, however, non life threatening allergies, cultural or religious forms can be submitted to our office with a parent or guardian signature and will remain on your child's account until a Dietary Note Removal form has been submitted. All forms may be emailed to Elora Edwards at

Nutrition Services Contact Information

Best contact for questions: Contact us here with questions! 

Director of Nutrition Services - Tina Reynolds
Phone (513) 576-2294
Cell (859) 609-6143

Assistant Director of Nutrition Services – Elora Edwards
Phone (513) 576-2292
Responsibilities:  Menus, allergens, nurses and training

Assistant Director of Nutrition Services – Kim Gregory
Phone (513) 576-4160
Responsibilities: Applications, onsite reviews, PaySchools

Administrative Secretary & Accounts Payable – Peggy Parsons
Phone (513)576-2291

Administrative Secretary – Josh Coats
Phone (513) 576-2290
Responsibilities: Payroll, subs, equipment issues, HR

Milford Schools is an equal opportunity provider.
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