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On October 9, we sent information to parents regarding switching learning options at the semester break. Please click here to see information and a list of FAQ's


A number of these questions were asked prior to the opening of school. We are leaving them on our site because the information may still be applicable in some cases. If you have a particular question that is not addressed here, please email us:


We held a Q&A Session on July 22, 2020 (click here to view a recording). A note to preface this FAQ list: The 2020-2021 school year will look like no other school year. School simply cannot look like it did before March 2020. To create our Return to Learning Plan, we engaged teachers and administrators, we worked closely with Milford Education Association’s leadership, and we collaborated with the Clermont County Public Health Department. Our goal is to provide the safest, most feasible options for our 6,600 students and 700 staff members and to make the return to school as safe as possible. There will be inconveniences along the way and no plan will please everyone.  

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10.21.20 What has been updated in the Return to Learning Plan?

Are school fees the same for In-Person and Eagle Online?

Which High School courses are offered for In-Person and Eagle Online?

If my child is in Eagle Online, may they come to school to participate in Clubs? 


Is Preschool offered both In-Person and Eagle Online?

If the district is required to close and become fully remote again under Plan B, will there be an on-line option for preschoolers at that time?

Will class sizes change? What will the ratio of typically developing students to special education be? 

Will preschoolers be required to wear a mask?


How often and when will common areas be disinfected during the school day when students are in the buildings?

How will additional hand washing and hand sanitizing be handled? Will additional handwashing or hand sanitizing stations need to be installed in buildings?

Will the children be required to use sanitizer at school? If so, can they bring their own? 

How often will water bottle refill stations be disinfected? 

Has the district increased the number of custodial staff and / or the number of hours dedicated to custodial work? 

How often will the electrostatic sprayer equipment be used? Will it be used when students are in the building?

Question about air quality: would it be an option for classroom parents to purchase/provide a new HEPA air filter for the classroom?

We've heard rumor that the main bathrooms in Seipelt have air dryers that blow a low volume of air. Will paper towel dispensers be installed?


Where will students eat lunch?

Why are you allowing use of the cafeteria and not keeping students in their main classrooms as much as possible?

Can you provide a description of what the cafeteria/lunch environment will be like at the high school. Will there be assigned seating areas? Will the tables have every other “stool” blocked off / seating available at half as many spots per table? Will teachers be coming around asking students to move to another table if that seating arrangement isn’t followed? What are the lunch schedules?


How can I find my child's bus information - pick up times?

What is the transportation department’s plans for cleaning buses and ensuring social distancing on the buses during transportation? 

If we choose to transport our children rather than have them ride the bus, we will be able to change that during the school year if we need them to ride the bus?

Since the bus is a small space, have you considered more distanced seating vs. requiring per seat?  Will siblings sit together?

If our child doesn’t need transportation every day, but maybe one or two days a week, is that allowed?


Will playgrounds and sports fields/track be open after school to the public as were previously as long as County playgrounds are open as well? 

We heard a rumor that the ventilation systems within the schools didn’t operate properly before. What have you done since last year to fix or upgrade them? 

Will classroom doors and windows be open to maximize air flow? 

In the plan it states that during the first-quarter, non-school sponsored activities will not be allowed in any school building. Does this include youth fall sports like Milford Youth Volleyball? The practices and games usually take place in the elementary schools' gyms, but it is not technically a "school sponsored activity." 

How will the Jr High and High School lot/traffic procedures accommodate the potential increase in kids being picked up/dropped off? 


Will Chromebooks be provided for students who will be in Eagle Online?

We heard that at the beginning of remote learning last spring, some of the technology platforms used weren’t working at all times or there were glitches. How are you handling technology needs and platform capabilities this fall?  

With Eagle Online, will there be a dual camera system used so both my child and the teacher can see each other? 

What if there are technology issues during a lesson? 

Will students be allowed to bring their own devices to school?

In the Spring my children worked off Macbooks for their school work. I assume this would still be okay for the Fall if they are learning online? Or are chromebooks necessary? 

Do all students receive a Chromebook? 


Who do I contact with questions about my student’s IEP or 504?

Will my student receive IEP/504 accommodations?  

How will my student’s IEP/504 be reviewed?

How will my student receive specially designed instruction per their IEP?  

Will my student be able to receive occupational, physical, or speech therapy? 

Will my student be able to receive intervention in a small group setting outside of the general education classrooms?

What if my student (on an IEP or 504) has a documented medical need and is unable to wear a mask? 

What if I choose in-person instruction for my student on an IEP and he/she gets sick and has to quarantine? 

A parent asked, my 7th grade student is on an IEP and she will be in Eagle Online. Will her IEP teacher be different from the one we currently have? We already had a team meeting in the spring with our student, her teachers, and IEP specialist. If her teachers and specialist changes, can we schedule a meeting before school starts to discuss her needs?


Will you offer Extended Day?

If Extended Day is not going to operate do we get our deposit back? 

Can Extended Day be utilized as an as-needed basis? 

If we choose to do Eagle Online for the first semester will our space in Extended Day be held for the 2nd semester if we choose to go to In-Person Learning at that time? 


Will kindergarten be offered for full day for Eagle Online? 

What does Eagle Online look like for 1/2 day kindergarten? Will they be online for two and a half hours?

Are we able to switch to half day if we’ve previously signed up for all day?

If we select Eagle Online for the first semester, will my student lose their spot in the all day kindergarten program if we decide to do In-Person for second semester?

What happens if we were signed up for all-day kindergarten but want to do remote learning? I assume we no longer pay for all-day kindergarten?

I have a question being on the wait-list for Kindergarten. Who can I talk to?


What about state standardized tests this year for either option? Will those happen?   

When does the second semester start? When would we need to have our decision for the second semester?

Do families need to choose the same option for all their students - for example if they have elementary students and high school students in the same household? 

How will students be supported with the new procedures, processes, and ways of doing school?

Will students who were in the Leadership training program last year get to participate as an Ambassador this year?  If they decide to do the online education program are they able to participate? What is the status of the Leadership/Ambassador program?

Has there been any discussion of shortening the day for students?

What happens to kids who were on track and currently involved in National Honor Society?  What decisions have been made concerning National Honor Society and the requirements for this as volunteer options have been affected due to the pandemic?

Will Title 1 help be available with the Eagle Online and Remote Option? 

How will clubs, such as Key Club, operate? How will clubs with a lot of interaction between team members and teachers, such as robotics club, operate?

What will the role of Student Council be this year?

How will the college application process work? How will we request for transcripts to be sent to colleges and ask for recommendation letters?

Is there a plan for students who need to take ACT or SAT testing this year?

If our kids have to quarantine at home for two weeks what will their education look like during that time? Will the teachers be providing work for them to do at home?

Will there be increased fees for students who decide to return to school from Eagle Online to In-Person the second semester?

Will the credit requirements for graduates be adjusted down since electives may not be available/feasible online?

Will Milford instructors be teaching to a classroom of in-person students while also streaming to remote students simultaneously? Meaning both sets of students, regardless of which option they choose, be given the same instruction at the exact same time?

Can a student who attends Scarlet/Great Oaks switch to Eagle Online?

Can families choose Eagle Online and then if it is not working, switch to homeschooling? 

What if we are considering homeschooling for the first semester ... do we need to do anything after the first semester to come back to Milford, either In-Person or with Eagle Online? 

What about if we want to put our kids in a one-day a week homeschool class, is this something that can be done with the Eagle Online option, or do we need to find a different online school program rather than the district’s option?

What is the process for withdrawing a student and applying for homeschool, in the event the chosen model is not working for student/family?


Will parents be allowed in the school for emergencies? How will that be handled? 

Will the teachers be handing out materials to students and if so how will this be handled to ensure there is no contamination of the students?

What efforts can be made to reduce the actual physical number of people in a building at any given time?  Is there any consideration to do blocks of students at a time (weeks on/weeks off) blended learning, etc?  What about extremely small groups or single teaching/tutoring to accommodate an adjunct and comprehensive virtual program?

Will there be restrictions for students who drive on how many students can be in the car or if they can carpool at all and if so how will this be monitored?

Will volunteers be permitted in the school buildings?

Will there be a change in the number of children per classroom?  If not, how is social distancing honored? 

Will you cap In-Person enrollment? 

Will there be any room or desk dividers? 

Why is the district allowing movement between classes?


What if we want our children to be enrolled in Eagle Online but the daily schedule does not fit with our available time at home?

Will Eagle Online students still be allowed to take sick-days if they do not feel like attending virtual classes even though they are at home?

If we choose Eagle Online for our student(s) will we have the flexibility to schedule three "at-home" learning days and two days "off"?

Are the daily lessons going to be recorded? If my child is doing live online what happens if we would have a power outage or internet outage at home? Would my child have the opportunity to review a recording and make up the work?

What are “virtual check in meetings” as described in the plan? Are these 1:1 or small groups? How often are these available?

Will students in Eagle Online be divided by school building - or for example, would my incoming first grader at Mulberry be in an online classroom with Boyd E Smith/Seipelt students?

If we chose Eagle Online for the first semester, but then decide to choose In-Person for the second semester, will we need to buy classroom supplies? Will student fees be changed?

Remote learning didn't work from my kids in the spring. If I sign up for Eagle Online and either my financial situation changes and I can no longer stay home or my kids fail to learn in that setting, can I send them in person before the semester ends in January?

If parents choose to homeschool their children instead of the Eagle Online option, does this impact the students’ ability to participate in extra-curricular activities through the district?

What considerations are being taken to help parents who must work every day? Is Eagle Online something students can do in the evening or at their own pace?

How does Eagle Online differ from other virtual schools (K12, Apex, etc)?

For Eagle Online, will students be graded the same way as students who participate in person? 

Will kids from the same school or grade be grouped together?

Will there be interaction between students in Eagle Online? Will any part be synchronous?

Will additional training be provided to teachers to enable them to be successful with this Eagle Online model?

Will my child in Eagle Online be able to come to school to participate in a Club? 

Will I have to pay fees if my child is in Eagle Online? 


Is sixth grade band and/or choir available for Eagle Online students since sixth grade band occurs before school starts?

If a parent selects Eagle Online, who will their teacher be? 

If an elementary child is learning through Eagle Online, will they need a parent sitting with them at any point throughout the day?

Will there be worksheets sent home for use?

We have three kids in elementary school, will they all have different times scheduled for their various real-time encounters?

Will Gifted Programming be offered with Eagle Online?


What will In-Person Learning look like inside the classrooms? What about carpet/reading discussions, rotating teachers, shared computers and materials?

Will the kids remain in the class and specials come to them? Will specials/unified arts take place in the regular specials room or in the regular grade classroom?

Will they be able to remove their masks for outdoor recess?


How will the Eagle Online option affect College Credit Plus students?

Do you know yet if there are electives that will not be offered, or be postponed to 2nd semester, at the Jr High or High School level for Eagle Online students?

Could a student be excluded from an accelerated or honors course due to selection of the Eagle Online model?

What are Apex courses, referenced at the bottom of page 22 of the Return to Learning plan, as being for grade 12 students?

Can I get my 8th grader on the same team with another Eagle Online student so they can learn together?  My daughter doesn’t currently have anyone she knows on her team and there is another 8th grade family we’d like to learn with.

8th grade robotics team students are required to be in ACE class with all the other robotics students and take Gateway to Engineering for a full year. How will this work/be affected if the student chooses Eagle Online? 

For seniors having to turn in papers for college applications will there be an online alternative or will online students be allowed to go into school after hours to handle their business?

What measures will be made to make sure students (especially seniors) will have access to all the classes they need to graduate in terms of electives, etc outside of core class requirements, including AP, honors, electives?

What AP Classes will be offered for Eagle Online?

If any specific AP course or any selected elective course is not available online for a high school student, can they come in-person only for those courses and do the other core subjects online?

How will the language electives be handled since they are typically required for certain levels of diplomas and for colleges? 

For parents of HS athletes hoping to compete in college, before making the decision whether to choose Eagle Online, we need to know if the courses meet NCAA accreditation.

How will classes that have hands-on learning be available for Eagle Online?

At the high school, if students go from Eagle Online for their first semester and then choose to come In Person for the second semester, how will that transition look for them?

For kids participating in High School athletics and Marching band who are using this to qualify for the phys ed waiver. If the seasons don't ever get off the ground or get stopped mid-season, how will this impact the phys ed waiver and will the kids still be given credit for their participation?

Can I bring my child to school just for their electives, for example, for Media Tech or Choir?

It appears there are more diverse class offerings and a greater choice of electives with In-Person. Is that correct?


Will junior high and high school students change classes?

A parent said they are curious about high school foreign languages, specifically AP Spanish and labs for chemistry. How will those be delivered in person?

Regarding high school students specifically, will an instructor be teaching to a classroom of in-person students while also streaming to remote students simultaneously?

If all electives might not be available this year, how does that impact graduation and GPA?

We received this question from a student: How will we be able to talk or socialize in general in school?


What factors are used when making the decision between Plan A and Plan B? 

What happens if I choose Eagle Online for my student and the district enacts Plan B?

What is the difference between Eagle Online and Remote Learning? If a parent chooses In-Person learning for their child and the district begins Remotely, what does remote learning look like?


Can parents be given a definitive list of covid-19 symptoms the school will use to determine illness severity?

If a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19 are they required to quarantine?

If a child cannot get a COVID test, either due to lack of tests or individual circumstances, what are the requirements the child must meet in order to return to school? 

What if my child has a fever but no other symptoms of COVID?

What is considered “an exposure” to COVID?

Can teachers be required to take students’ temperatures every morning?

A parent asked, why are we not conducting mid-day fever checks before or after lunch to make sure no fever has presented or the medicine given by a parent has worn off?

What if a parent knowingly sends a child to school with a fever?


What happens if a student doesn't wear a mask?

What types of masks are approved?

Will kids be allowed to remove masks when sitting at their own individual desk? 

Will students have breaks during the day where they can take off their mask?

Are there any exemptions that will be accepted for the mask requirement, specifically for health reasons?

It seems students will be putting on and taking off their masks multiple times throughout the day, is there a protocol for where they are to store them when not wearing. Other schools are providing lanyards for this. Do you have a plan?

Will masks be required to be worn while students are in PE class?

Are shields allowed? 

If Ohio cancels the mask mandate, will Milford Schools be cancelling the mandate for students?

If a child has an exemption and is not required to wear a mask, will those students wear a shield and will they be away from children who are wearing masks? What happens if a student refuses to wear a mask?




What are the latest guidelines about athletics?

If Milford school district enacts Plan B, will there be fall sports? Will fall sports start date be pushed back to a later date?

If anyone on the team is diagnosed with COVID during the season, will the team members be required to learn remotely, at least temporarily?