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Milford Matters

Milford Matters

While many of our district parents and community members receive information online from social media, there is a large segment of our community who are not on online on a regular basis. In an effort to make sure that all district residents receive timely and accurate district information at the same time, we developed a new printed publication called Milford Matters. 

Milford Matters will be mailed to residents periodically throughout the year, to share stories from our classrooms and to keep residents updates on our student's accomplishments and important district news. 

The second edition of Milford Matters was a multi-fold mailer sent to district residents in November 2020. Download it here. 

See previous issues of Milford Matters here. 

Eagle eNews 

Once a month during the school year, the district publishes an electronic newsletter. The Eagle eNews is emailed to every parent in the district. 

Latest District e-News:

September 17, 2021

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