Charles L Seipelt Elementary

Master Facilities Plan

Board Plans May 2019 Bond Issue to Fund Master Facilities Plan

The Milford Board of Education held a budget hearing, organizational meeting, work session, and special board meeting on Thursday, January 10, 2019. During the work session, the Board discussed the master facility plan for the district. Board members reviewed and discussed the academic and cost benefits of constructing a building to include grades 6-8 to replace Milford Junior High School. This plan also addresses the need to replace the aging preschool building on Route 28. By building a middle school campus, the sixth-grade students will be moved out of the elementary schools. The additional space will allow for preschool classes to be moved to two of the elementary schools and open space to expand the full-time kindergarten program in each elementary. The preschool property on State Route 28 can then be sold. 
The Board also discussed needed renovations to the high school including new heating and cooling systems, roofing, replacing outdated athletic facilities, enhancing security, and creating 21st-century learning areas. In addition, a new auditorium to better accommodate the current student population was discussed. The proposed auditorium would hold 1,000 seats and be shared by both Milford High School and Milford Junior High School. The location of the new junior high school would be moved so the auditorium could be accessed by both schools. Construction of the new junior high school would impact some of the athletic facilities that would need to be replaced. The Board also discussed adding turf to the soccer field because of the impact that the construction will have on the current practice fields and the significant costs related to maintenance of the grass field.
The cost of completing these projects is approximately 98 million dollars to be financed through a bond issue. The Board approved a resolution to have the amount of millage needed to raise $98 million to be certified by the Clermont County Auditor. The auditor certified the millage rate at 4.7 mills. The cost of 4.7 mills on a home valued at $100,000 is $13.71 monthly or $164.50 annually. At the next Board meeting on January 17, the Board will approve the final resolution needed to place this bond issue on the May 7, 2019 ballot.
new school hallway

Background on New Elementary Schools

The Milford Board of Education approved a resolution on May 16, 2013 to accept funds from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to complete the elementary portion of the district’s master facility plan. The district built two new elementary schools to replace both Seipelt Elementary and Boyd E. Smith Elementary and the OFCC funded this project without any new local taxes. The new schools opened in August of 2016. Boyd E. Smith is located at its current site and the new Seipelt is located at 900 Route 131, next to the Grey Cliff subdivision.

Both buildings will have the exact same footprint. The academic wings is two stories with grades K-3 on one floor and grades 4-6 on another floor. A two-story media center with a bright, open feel is surrounded by the academic classrooms. The interiors of each building vary in colors and themes. Scroll down for the link to our photo gallery. 

new school exteriors

Photo Gallery of Construction of New Elementary Schools 

Check out the photo gallery of the construction of our two new elementary buildings which opened in August of 2016. Every month, photographs of the progress of the Boyd E. Smith and Seipelt Elementary Schools were posted. Click here.