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New Pattison facility dog already making new friends

Posted on: February 10, 2022
photo of dog

A new facility dog has joined the staff at Pattison Elementary and is already making new friends. 

Kaira arrived at Pattison to serve an “internship” on Jan. 31. She comes to Milford Schools from Circle Tail, Inc., where Sabin, Milford Junior High’s facility dog, was also trained.

As Kaira acclimates to her new surroundings she will spend most of her time in the main office with Intervention Specialist Katie Aielli and school psychologist Jen O’Brien.

She will be training to spend more time with students in classrooms throughout the spring, with plans for Kaira to be fully integrated into the school day starting in the fall.

Facility dogs are specially trained to provide physical, social, cognitive, or emotional assistance to community members in schools and classrooms. The dog is trained to be loving, calm and gentle, and to provide individual support to students as well as decrease anxiety and improve students’ social skills.