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You're Invited to Help Milford Schools Create Our Portrait of a Staff Member!

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You're Invited to Help Milford Schools Create Our Portrait of a Staff Member!

Oct 26, 2023

A few years ago, Milford Schools engaged our community to help create our Portrait of an Eagle. This process allowed us to identify the characteristics we strive to have each student to possess when they graduate from Milford Schools. It serves as an invaluable guide as we make decisions on behalf of our students each day. 

We are now embarking upon a similar exercise - creation of a Portrait of a Milford Staff Member. This will allow us, as employees, parents, community members, and students, to hone in on the traits we want all staff members to possess in order to create the best experiences for our students. 

We are engaging all of our stakeholders in this process and would like to invite you, as parents and community members, to participate in this ThoughtExchange

It’s easy to participate. Just answer one question, What is the #1 characteristic you think every Milford Staff Member should have?, and then rate others' thoughts utilizing a star system. 

You are encouraged to come back to the ThoughtExchange frequently to rate new comments. If you are a staff member who also has children in the district, please feel free to take both this survey and the one that was sent to employees. 

The ThoughtExchange opens on October 27 and closes on November 6.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and have your voice heard.

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