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Veteran Surprised with High School Diploma

Posted on: November 20, 2015

The Milford School Board surprised a veteran with his high school diploma at the Board meeting held on Thursday, November 20, at Meadowview Elementary. For the past eight years, Milford School District has a tradition of awarding high school diplomas to veterans who did not earn a diploma because their education was interrupted to serve their country in times of war. The Board also honors all veterans at the November meeting.  

The meeting opened with the Milford High School choir singing Anthem; senior Jake Balzer singing the National Anthem; and Taps performed by junior Hunter Hoffman. Board member, Mr. Gary Knepp, then shared a presentation of a Milford veteran, Paul Scott, a bombardier who was killed in World War II and is buried in Holland. Through an Adopt-a-Grave program in Holland, a local family now cares for Mr. Scott’s grave and has made a connection with the Scott family in the United States. Mr. Scott’s cousin was present to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Board in recognition of Paul Scott’s service.

Dr. Farrell then surprised veteran, Mr. Jack Brady, with a presentation of his Milford High School diploma. Mr. Brady did not graduate from high school due to his service in the army. He is a veteran of the Korean War, serving from 1950-52. Mr. Brady first enlisted in the Navy reserves and was then drafted into the Army. After his training was complete, Brady traveled through Japan to Korea where he joined the 8th Army I-Core, 17th Artillery Unit, as a Sergeant.  His role on this advanced front line unit was to maintain all the vehicles used to move the large artillery guns, airplanes, and various people transports.  Jack had to deal with temperatures of 125 degrees in the summer, three weeks of monsoon season, and 40 below zero temperatures in the winter. 

Jack has been married to his wife Zola Brady for 63 years, and they had three children Pam, Paula, and Michael.  Pam passed away unexpectedly of unknown causes at age 13.  Paula lives in Bethel and Michael lives in Milford. Jack has four grandchildren, one who is a Milford High School graduate now at Ohio State University, and another Kyle, who is a junior at Milford High School. He also has two great grandchildren.

While Jack does not talk about his service much, he has shared three things the service taught him he never wanted to do again, “Wait in lines to eat. Shoot a gun again. Sleep outdoors.”

Thank you, Mr. Brady for your service to our country and congratulations on earning your high school diploma. We are honored to share this accomplishment with you for your sacrifice and service to our country.