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Classified Staff of the Year Honored

Posted on: April 29, 2015

(Left to Right) Laurie Howell, Melissa Craft, Cathy Schulte, Vickie Parker, Lynn Hill, Becky Jauch and Dody Parker. Not pictured: Connie Stevens and Lisa Holland.

Spring is always the perfect time to recognize staff and students for their contributions over the school year. On April 22, the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce presented its annual Dinner of Excellence. Congratulations to the following support staff who were honored at the dinner: Lynn Hill, Boyd E. Smith; Becky Jauch, McCormick; Melissa Craft, Meadowview; Vickie Parker, Milford High School; Connie Stevens, Milford Jr. High; Lisa Holland, Milford Preschool; Dody Parker, Mulberry; Cathy Schulte, Pattison; and Laurie Howell, Seipelt.

Our support staff is critical to the success of our district and we thank them for their dedication. Below are highlights on what makes each of these individuals so special from each building principal.

 Lynn Hill-Clinic Health Aide-Boyd E. Smith Elementary

“An elementary school clinic is at the heart of the school, and Mrs. Lynn Hill, clinic health aide, is a big part of the heart of Boyd E. Smith. Mrs. Hill, through her positive approach, friendly personality, and genuine care for others, simply adds value to those around her. Always willing to help others and to support the office work in any way needed, Mrs. Hill displays an unselfish and student-centered attitude; it is truly a pleasure to work alongside her on a daily basis.” - Doug Savage, Principal

Mrs. Becky Jauch-Media Aide-McCormick Elementary

Mrs. Becky Jauch has served as the McCormick media aide since the building opened in 2003. Previously, she served in the same capacity at Boyd E. Smith. Becky promotes lifelong love of reading and serves as a resource for students and adults. Mrs. Jauch constantly goes well beyond her job description in support of McCormick’s academic mission. Each year she volunteers her time to organize and run the Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, and 6th Grade Almanac competition. McCormick Elementary is fortunate to have a media aide who cares so much about our students and who is dedicated to bettering our school through her talents, knowledge, and love of reading.” - Don Baker, Principal

Melissa Craft-School Secretary/Aide-Meadowview Elementary

Mrs. Melissa Craft has been part of the Milford and Meadowview community for 7 years. Her commitment to the students at Meadowview goes above what is expected. She is very connected to different facets of the building and enjoys helping out in whatever capacity needed. Melissa has made it a priority to do everything in her power ensuring that Meadowview has the resources it needs to provide for all students.  Her time as a secretary, aide, and PTA representative have been with one primary focus - to get our children what they need to be as successful as they can be in life! Melissa has fulfilled this role wonderfully!” - Rob Dunn, Principal

Vickie Parker-Administrative Assistant-Milford High School

“Mrs. Vickie Parker has been working for Milford for 17 years as the Administrative Assistant to the administrative team in the office. Vickie is an integral member of our team. She consistently keeps the office running in an orderly fashion, and goes above and beyond to help staff and students alike! Everyone at MHS knows that if they have a question, Vickie will be able to help them find the answer.” – Mark Lutz, Principal.

Connie Stevens-Administrative Assistant-Milford Junior High School

Mrs. Connie Stevens has lived her entire life in the Milford community and has worked at MJHS since 1986. As a result of the investment, she makes in people and in her community, she has connections throughout the entire school district. No matter what role Connie is asked to fulfill, she does so with hard work, enthusiasm, creativity, and resourcefulness.  She is both a colleague and a friend to so many. Even when she is juggling multiple tasks, she always finds time to make herself available to talk through ideas, consult on tough questions, or give suggestions. Connie is thoughtful, kind, generous, compassionate, and conscientious, with a heart for others above all else.” – Kelli Ellison, Principal

Lisa Holland-Building Secretary-Milford Preschool

Mrs. Lisa Holland is often the first face of the Milford Preschool and in many casesthe first representation of the Milford School District for many of ourfamilies. Lisa takes great pride in capitalizing on this opportunity. Her passion for sharing the Milford Preschool to each family in a warm and welcoming fashion sets the pace for a successful career in the Milford Schools. Aside from being the building secretary, Lisa wears many hats in her preschool role from tour guide… to after school babysitter… to school spirit director… to school safety monitor and LOVES each and every one of them. Away from her desk, Lisa is very involved with the Milford community and bringing the community into the Milford Preschool. It is important to her that the community is connected with the many services that the Milford Schools and community provide.”- Jennie Berkley, Director

Dody Parker-Instrutional Assistant-Mulberry Elementary

Mrs. Dody Parker was first hired as an instructional assistant working at the high school, but lucky for us, we had an opening and she was chosen to fill it. She was quickly regarded as a valuable resource for teachers and students, often going above and beyond what was expected of her, lending herself to the education of many students during her time here. Mrs. Parker has a magical way that she connects with students. She is caring and understanding, but follows up with set expectations that her students follow. This is a powerful reason why she has made an impact on our most behaviorally intensive students. The teachers that she works with value her as an extra educator in the classroom but also value her attitude and tenacity for helping students achieve.” – Brian Zawodny, Principal

Cathy Schulte-Teacher Aide-Pattison Elementary

Cathy Schulte has been a dedicated employee in the Milford Schools for the past 25 years. She has become a vital part of our building and her positive attitude has helped build an open and caring climate. She has a great relationship with the other staff members and collaborates with fellow colleagues in order to help the students be successful. Cathy is always up for a challenge and is not afraid to confront any task or difficult situation head on. Cathy is also very passionate about providing appropriate instruction and interventions for her students. She is able to clearly articulate concerns to the teachers as well as the parents. You can be assured that Mrs. Schulte is a true advocate for all the students that she works with on a daily basis.” -Missy Borger, Principal

Laurie Howell-Instructional Aide-Seipelt Elementary

“Laurie takes the time to get to know each student in the classes that she works in, even if she may not be in the room for a long period of time. As a former elementary teacher, she brings a unique perspective to our classrooms. Laurie continually is collaborating with our teachers, volunteering outside of her regular hours to assist in preparation for student learning, and making on the spot accommodations in order to help meet the needs of all our students. With her positive, caring, and hardworking attitude, Mrs. Howell is an integral member of our instructional support team at Seipelt. The students of Seipelt are lucky to have such a positive role model, and the staff members of Seipelt are fortunate to have such a dedicated colleague.” - Sarah Greb, Principal