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College Credit Plus 

​College Credit Plus is ​a program that allows students to take courses on college campus for both high school and college credit. While most of our participants are juniors and seniors due to the college-ready requirement, the program is open to students in grades 7-12. 

2021 Mandatory CCP Video

CCP Letter of Intent (Due May 1, 2021)
Students from Milford typically attend UC Clermont, Cincinnati Christian University, Ohio Christian University, Sinclair, UC Blue Ash, UC Main, Chatfield. Please visit those schools' websites for more information.
Questions?  You can email me at


Here is the information from 2020 CCP Meeting:​ ​

Ohio Department of Education- General Info 


​Some notes from last year's meeting: 

1. All schools have to have placement test requirements in place. Most schools are using the ACT. The ACT in April is the last test date that most CCP schools will accept for admissions (Sign-up at  --- Some schools may waive for current CCP students. Parents/Guardians and students will need to contact their CCP school directly for more informations. (This rule has been temporarily nullified due to COVID).


2. Milford does NOT offer CCP courses at the High School. Students who wish to participate will need to attend on-campus university courses or the online on-campus program offered at some schools.


3. Please consider the curriculum guide for your student's major of choice so that the courses actually count towards a degree. (per Dr. Clark, CCP Director, UC Clermont)