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2.47 mill bond issue on November 2, 2021 ballot


  • The Board of Education approved placing a bond issue on the November 2, 2021 ballot.

  • The bond issue is for 2.47 mills, for 30 years. The owner of a home with an appraised value of $100,000 would pay an additional $86.45 in taxes to pay for the bond issue. A tax calculator can be found on the Clermont County Auditor’s website (click here) so you may find the exact amount the bond issue would cost you, based on the Auditor’s valuation. (Once on the Auditor’s website, click on “Property Search” then search for your property, either by name or by address. From the left hand side menu, click on “Proposed Levies for November 2, 2021 Election” to see the estimated amount your taxes would increase.)

  • The Bond Issue is for a total of $55,900,000 for the purpose of building a new 6-8 middle school to replace Milford Junior High.

  • The district will receive $11,559,512 in co-funding from the Ohio Facilities Construction Committee to pay for a portion of the project.

  • The bond Issue will be on the November 2, 2021 ballot.

  • The total project cost is $67.46 million. Taking out the state share (which contributes $11.5 million to the project), the local share/bond issue amount will cover the remaining $55.9 to fund the project.

  • The plan includes funding to abate and demolish the current Milford Junior High School.

  • The plan includes funding to possibly abate and demolish Miami Elementary School building, which is the current site of Milford Preschool, Milford Extended Day, and Milford Success Academy. The district will abate the building but, depending on current real estate market conditions, may sell it for profit, or will demolish it and sell the land.

  • Click here to read a letter about the bond issue from the Board of Education.