Karen Hall     Transportation Director
Transportation Office:   513.575.1563
Fax:   513.575.1658

Bus routes for students will be mailed directly to each home on August 10. If you do not receive a postcard with your child's route by August 17, please contact the transportation department.

Milford School District has a three-tier transportation system, which was implemented to help make student transportation more efficient and cost effective by coordinating the start times of schools. By coordinating the start times, a single bus can run three separate routes—one each for the elementary, middle, and high school—instead of having three buses run one route each.

Below is the schedule of start/end times for each of Milford's schools.


The district has a contract with Petermann Bus Company for the management of the department and the leasing of a majority of the buses. Petermann is also the employer of the transportation staff, so all Milford bus drivers are Petermann employees.