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Online Day Plan

The Milford Online Day is in effect when students in the district learn from home


Milford Schools is committed to providing uninterrupted learning for our students, even in situations that prevent traditional school attendance. To address this, we have established the Milford Online Day Plan, which enables students to continue their education from home


If an Online Day needs to be enacted, parents and guardians will be promptly notified through our district's messaging system, website, and social media platforms

Why Online Days

Changes to Ohio's calamity day statute in the budget bill, effective October 3, 2023, have replaced "blizzard bags" with online makeup days. Starting with the 2024-25 school year, schools must have an online day plan by August 1 of each year

Definition of Online Days 

Online days are used to make up for school closures under specific circumstances, allowing for up to three school days to be conducted online

Allowable Circumstances for Online Days 

Online days can be enacted for

  • Disease epidemics 
  • Hazardous weather conditions 
  • Law enforcement emergencies 
  • Inoperability of school buses or other essential equipment 
  • Damage to school buildings 
  • Utility failures making the school building unfit 

Note: Staffing shortages, parent-teacher conferences, and professional development days are not eligible reasons for Online Days.

The complete plan can be found here.

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