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Dear Milford School District Families,

Welcome back to our returning families and a very special welcome to those who are new to our district.  It is a privilege to lead a school district dedicated to providing an enriching learning environment for student success.

We are fortunate to welcome 22 talented new teachers to the district. A school system is only as good as its teachers. We have great teachers. We have great schools, and we have great students.

In the Milford School District, we have eight core beliefs that drive our every decision and choice. The most important one is our belief that children are at the center of everything we do, and our practice should reflect their best interests.  Every day we make decisions and keep each and every student’s best interest at heart.

As I shared with our staff, here are my wishes for the new school year:

·  I want our students to feel safe at school.

·  I want learning to be a joy for each of our teachers and each of our students.

·  I want us to embrace challenges and find solutions together.

·  I want our teachers and students to make great memories!

Wishing you a rewarding school year!

Nancy C. House





Milford School District's Core Beliefs 

  • We believe that children are at the center of everything we do, and our practice should reflect their best interests. 
  • We believe that character is important, and schools can help shape a child’s character. 
  • We believe that service to the community is important. 
  •  We believe that all financial decisions should reflect prudent fiscal management and be based   on providing the best educational opportunities for children.
  • We believe that schools must partner with the community to provide the most optimal educational experience possible. 
  • We believe that schools should be welcoming places with a positive climate.
  •  We believe that schools are places for the education of children, not for adult employment. 
  • We believe that every school employee has the capacity for leadership.
Quality Profile cover

Quality Profile

Milford Schools is proud to present the fourth edition of the Quality Profile, an overview of what makes our district unique with highlights of the quality education and services offered during the 2015-2016 school year.

"The Quality Profile is a great reflection of who we are as a district from our amazing STEM offerings to our stellar creative and performing arts programs. It not only showcases our academic offerings, but the service learning and community service programs that make our district stand apart," said Milford Superintendent, Nancy House.

Milford is one of approximately 70 school districts throughout Ohio releasing a Quality Profile, a comprehensive, community-oriented companion to the state’s Local Report Card. The profile includes additional accountability measures that better define a high-quality education and are not included in the state’s report card.

The Quality Profile helps characterize the overall educational value of public education beyond standardized testing. The content is based on six categories: academics, arts, fiscal stewardship, parent and community involvement, student leadership and activities, and student services.

The Alliance for High Quality Education sponsors the Quality Profile. This statewide education consortium works to improve educational opportunities for students and to represent member districts on matters of educational policy and funding.

Milford Quality Profile 2016-2017

Milford's Quality Profile 2015-2016