Meal Charge Procedure

While Milford Schools Department of Nutrition Services discourages meal charges, we will not allow a student to go without meals during the school day.  When there is no money in the student’s meal account and no payment is made at the time of meal service, the account becomes negative. Letters, e-mails, or phone reminders are sent to the account’s registered addresses notifying the parents of the negative amount.  As a special consideration for students and their families, students will be provided with a regular meal until a negative $10.00 balance accumulates on the meal account.  After a student has reached the -$10.00 limit, an alternate meal will be provided at approximately half the cost of a regular meal.  Students will not be permitted to purchase a la carte items, including extra entrees, until the negative amount is paid in full. 

Nutrition Services is self-supporting. The department itself receives no money to operate from the district’s funds, tax levies, or property taxes.  The school lunch program is funded only from federal reimbursement and student payments to cover operating expenses and fees.  By federal law, Food Service revenues must meet or exceed expenditures.  Current federal regulations require the student’s school district to assume responsibility for any uncollected lunch charges.  This money comes from the district’s General Fund, (state and local tax dollars).

Nutrition Services Department goals for meal charge procedure:

  •       To treat all students with dignity in the serving line regarding meal accounts;
  •       To establish age appropriate policies;
  •       To encourage parents to assume responsibility for meal payments and to promote student self-responsibility;
  •       To establish consistent department procedure regarding meal charges and the collection of charges.

Alternative Meal Procedure

 Elementary Students

 When a student does not have money in the account or cash to pay for a lunch, and reaches a charge balance of -$7.50 (approximately 3 meals), a letter will be generated by the cashier and mailed to the parents, notifying them that an alternative meal will be served to the child when the balance reaches -$10.00 and continue until the balance is reconciled.  The day prior to serving the alternate meal; the student is told privately to bring in money, pack a meal, or accept the alternate meal.

Trays are not taken away from a student – only the entrée is replaced with the alternate entrée, a cheese or peanut butter sandwich.  (Peanut butter is not served in elementary schools where there is a concern for peanut allergies). The student’s tray looks no different than any other student participating in the school lunch program.  All alternative meals may contain fruits and vegetables from the food bar, and milk in addition to the whole grain bread and cheese/peanut butter, depending on the student’s selection. 

Secondary Students

Secondary students should be fully responsible with money; therefore; they are notified discreetly at the register the day their balance exceeds the specified threshold.  They are informed that they will receive an alternate meal the following day unless they bring in money to pay for a meal.