Elementary Curriculum

Jill Chin

Director of Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Elementary Curriculum, Instruction and Gifted Education

Dr. Jill Chin    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Phone:   513.831.1314


Gifted Education

Gifted Education in the Milford Schools (G.E.M.S.) takes place via a virtual learning environment in grades 3-5. The acronym G.E.M.S. has been adopted as the name of the gifted services in Milford Schools. 

To learn more about identification, services, and courses, click here for Gifted Education page.

Technology Plan 

Technology Mission Statement:
Staff and students will utilize technology as an indispensable tool that is seamlessly integrated into curriculum at all grade levels to improve student achievement.

Milford Exempted Village School District Technology Plan 2016-17