Master Facilities Plan

History of Bond Issue and Building Projects

After the Milford School community supported a bond issue in 2001, the district constructed four new elementary schools. The community also passed a bond issue in November 2007. The new millage went into effect at the same time that a millage drop related to the 2001 bond issue took place. So for property owners, there was no increase in taxes.The bond issue generated $31.375 million for new construction and renovation of Milford High School. In the summer of 2010, the district completed the renovation and addition to Milford High School. The project included the addition of a new wing for our ninth grade community, a new music area, technology throughout the building, an expanded cafeteria, and Bauer Commons memorial dedicated to Dr. Raymond Bauer, former Principal of Milford High School, who passed away suddenly in August 2009.

Due to the competitive market when the construction projects for the high school were bid and tight budget management, the district was able to add $5 million in additional projects beyond the original plan and still remain within our $31 million budget. These additional projects include replacing the roof and select windows, technology upgrades, athletic facility improvements, as well as an addition to the junior high.

Boyd E. Smith and Seipelt Elementary Construction Projects

In 2013, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission notified the district of its intent to fund the elementary portion of the district’s Facilities Master Plan by building two new elementary schools to replace Seipelt Elementary and Boyd E. Smith Elementary. Milford has been on the OFCC waiting list to complete its Facilities Master Plan for 13 years. Due to the district's participation in the Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELLP) during the construction of four new elementary schools as well as the expansion and renovation of the high school, Milford earned a credit with the program. The OFCC has informed the district that approximately $25 million dollars is available for the construction of school buildings in the Milford school district. These funds can only be used for construction and not for operations or any other general fund expenditure. The OFCC funds will allow Milford to complete the elementary portion of its master plan by building two new elementary schools to replace Seipelt Elementary and Boyd E. Smith Elementary.

The new Boyd and Seipelt are approximately 53,000 square feet and house 407 students each. Boyd E. Smith remains on the same site and Seipelt is located at 900 St. Route 131. Construction of the new buildings began in the spring of 2015 and the new schools opened in the fall of 2016.

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Master Facilities Plan Update

A key initiative for the Milford School District is the completion of the Master Facilities Plan, which includes replacing Milford Junior High School and Milford Preschool and finishing renovations to Milford High School. The completion of this project requires both local funding through a bond issue and state funding through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC).

The OFCC informed the district that they do not anticipate approval for Milford’s state share of funding potentially until July 2019. The district cannot place a bond issue on the ballot until the state funding is approved. This means that the earliest the district can anticipate a potential bond issue is November 2019.