Board of Education

Current Agenda

Typically, we will post the latest agenda for the upcoming regular Board of Education meeting 24 hours prior to the meeting. All meeting highlights and minutes are also posted on our website on the left menu bar.

The Board of Education will meet at Milford High School on Thursday, August 18, 2018 beginning at 6:45 p.m. with a public hearing on the consideration of the 2019-2020 district calendar. The regular meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Agenda - August 16, 2018

Public Involvement at Board Meetings

In order to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective and efficient fashion, a maximum of thirty minutes of public participation will be permitted at the beginning of each meeting. Continued public participation will be scheduled after the business portion of the meeting as needed. In order to anticipate the time needed to manage an effective meeting, those persons who desire to address the Board prior to the business meeting are asked to contact Mrs. Debbie Caudle, Treasurer, at (513) 831-1314.

Individuals will be permitted 3 minutes to present to the Board of Education. Complaints against a school employee are not permitted in public session until the defined lines of communication have been met. Up to ten people will be permitted to address the Board of Education before the business meeting. Additional persons requesting to address the Board will be scheduled after the business meeting. Each person addressing the Board will give his/her name and address. The public participation may be extended by a vote of the majority of the Board.