Board of Education

Board Committees 

The Board of Education has several subcommittees that meet monthly to further study topics and make recommendations in several areas critical to the operations of the district. Each committee is composed of two Board members as well as district administrative staff. Committee meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. If you are interested in attending one of our Board subcommittee meetings, please call the Board Office for the meeting schedule  at (513) 576-1314.

Board Committees 2018

Building & Grounds 

Board Members: Andrea Brady George Lucas


Board Members: George Lucas and Debbie Marques

Curriculum & Instruction

Board Members: Andrea Brady and Dave Yockey

Finance Committee

Board Members: Andrea Brady and Chris Hamm

Fine Arts, Athletics & Extracurricular

Board Members: Debbie Marques and Dave  Yockey


Board Members: Chris Hamm and Debbie Marques


Board Designations and Appointed Committees 2018

Business Advisory Council Committee Liaison      Chris Hamm, Board Member
Central Committee Liaison Debbie Marques, Board Member
Chamber of Commerce Liaison Chris Hamm, Board Member
Designation of Public Records Officer Debbie Caudle, District Treasurer
JVS School Board Designee Dave Yockey, Board Member
Miami Township Liaison George Lucas and Debbie Marques, Board Members
Milford City Council Liaison Dave Yockey, Board Member
OSBA Delegate and Legislative Liaisons Debbie Marques, Board Member
Superintendent Liaison George Lucas, Board Member
Treasurer Liaison Debbie Marques, Board Member