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Milford School District has a 4.7 mill bond issue on the May 7, 2019 ballot to fund four key projects from our Master Facilities Plan. In the upcoming weeks, will be sharing a video featuring each of these projects: Milford Junior High School, Milford High School renovations, the auditorium, and athletic facilities.

State of Milford Junior High School

The most significant portion of the bond is going to replace Milford Junior High School (grades 7-8) with a new Middle School (grades 6-8). Our junior high school was built in 1962 and is both undersized and outdated. The building is overcrowded with students and teachers in modular units and spaces not intended to be used as classrooms.

Hear from MJHS principal Rob Dunn and MJHS teachers about the educational and safety challenges they face daily. 

Milford High School Proposed Renovations

Listen to Milford administrators, high school teachers, and students talk about some of the educational challenges they face at the high school with HVAC issues, a leaky roof, and outdated classroom spaces.


Proposed Auditorium

In the plan is a 1,000 seat auditorium to be shared by the middle school and high school to accommodate student performances and school programs. The facility will also be available for rental for community groups.

The video features the challenges faced by the high school staff and students with the current space. Milford High School's auditorium seats 390, which prevents even one grade level (500+ students) at Milford High School from attending a program or holding a class meeting. The new auditorium will connect the high school and new middle school, serving more than 3,500 students

Milford Bond: Athletic Renovations

This week's video features more on the planned renovation and replacement of outdated athletic facilities, completion of the Eagles stadium renovation, and the addition of turf to the soccer field.

The district is so fortunate for the generosity of the Milford Athletic Boosters who have donated close to $2.5 million dollars to fund programs and facility upgrades to benefit our student-athletes over the past 20 years. Yet, the challenges we face with our current athletic facilities cannot be funded by the Boosters alone.

Community Chat

Community Chat

The District has held a series of chats at various locations throughout the community. The video below features 40 minutes of the questions and answers during the chat held at Starbucks on March 26, 2019.  

Community Chat (3/26/19)

Please note: Due to the noise level at Starbucks the quality of the audio is poor.