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Community Advisory Team (CAT) Objective

The Community Advisory Team (CAT) was formed after the defeat of the May 2019 Bond Issue. 

The CAT's objective was to develop and present a consensus proposal on the district's Master Facilities Plan. The CAT presented their preferred plan to the Board of Education in September.


Who was on the CAT?

The district received 97 requests from individuals interested in participating in the CAT. After reviewing these requests, the district extended 66 invitations.

The district followed three rules in determining who was eligible to participate:
1. Participants must live in the Milford School District.
2. A limit of one participant per family.
3. A limit on the number of district-employed participants.

In some cases, invitations were not offered because there was simply an abundance of applicants in that particular demographic group. Nearly all invited applicants fit into multiple categories.

The invited applicants include the following:
31 - Parents of Milford students
12 - Parents of Milford graduates
5 - Empty nesters
9 - Retirees
5 - Business owners
5 - MEVSD staff members
8 - Members of "Vote No to Milford School Bond"
8 - Known supporters of the May Bond

All CAT sessions were all recorded and posted online for community members to watch - and are linked at the bottom of this page. Two board members attended CAT meetings, but were only there to listen and will not provide input.

Below is a list of individuals who received invitations to participate in the CAT.

The CAT's Preferred Master Facilities Plan

At the September Board meeting members of the Community Advisory Team presented their preferred Facility Master Plan to the Board.

The CAT recommended that the Board keep the total facility construction cost to less than $72.5 million, and to include: 
  • Building a new junior high for grades 6-8 designed with grade levels in separate areas
  • Include space for programs that are currently housed in modulars
  • Integrate the Preschool program into two elementary school buildings
  • Site safety at the junior high and high school campus which includes updated traffic flow and parking
The CAT also asked the Board to consider adding to the plan the construction of an auditorium, HVAC and roof needs at the high school, upgrades and visitor bleachers at the stadium, and to consider what to do with the athletic buildings that would be displaced by the construction of a new junior high building.

How did the CAT come up with their plan?

The CAT met a total of six times this past summer, spending more than a dozen hours together learning the history of the district’s master facilities plans, learning how funding works and how bidding works, examining the condition of current buildings, and conducting a question and answer session with a representative from the Ohio Facilities Construction Committee (OFCC). 

The team’s goal was to understand, synthesize and advise the Board of Education on the Facility Master Plan supported by the four pillars of Education, Facilities, Finance, and Community Support.