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Operations Manager

Jeff Johnson
Operations Manager
Jeff Johnson joined the Milford School District in November 2009. 
Here are some large general categories that will help if you have any questions about who to report to or ask questions. 

 The Business Office is responsible for the following:

  • All classified personnel
  • Supervision of the district's support services
  • Energy management program for the district 
  • Facility maintenance and capital improvement programs
  • Nutrition Services
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance and Custodial
  • District safety programs including fire prevention, fire inspections, and emergency procedures
  • Ensures compliance with state OSHA and manages district insurance programs
  • Union negotiations (MEA/MCEA)
  • Security services
  • Building construction (Architects, construction manager)
  • Tax abatements
  • Independent Contracts
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee and Business Advisory Council


The budget of this department is one of the largest areas in the general fund.  It is also the department that is the most difficult budget to forecast because of the uncertainty of so many elements.  The cost of diesel fuel which increases and decreases unpredictably is a large part of the expenses.  The fluctuation of the cost of natural gas also impacts this budget.


Homeowners have to budget for their home including expenses for natural gas, electricity, phone, and gasoline.  You many have a 2,000 square foot home.  The district buildings make up 950,000 square feet!  It can cost just a few dollars for you to replace the furnace filter.  For the boilers used in the Milford Schools, a replacement filter can cost $10,000! You may go through a tank of gasoline a week in your car.  Milford buses drive 5,000 miles a day and get only 7 miles to the gallon. 

Operations Manager Jeff Johnson is a graduate of Milford High School.  Before joining Milford, he worked for 17 years as a project manager for DeBra-Kuempel, a local mechanical-electrical contractor. 

Operations Manager
Jeff Johnson 

Business Office
Office: 513-831-1314
Fax: 513-831-3208

Business Office Administrative Assistant
Brenda Carter

The Business Office responsibilities include:

Government Relations--

The Milford School District has cooperative relationships with the government agencies that make up the district (City of Milford, Miami Township and Union Township).  The Business office is responsible for areas including:

  • Building permits
  • Police/Fire/Safety Needs
  • Tax abatements and Tax Incremental Financing
  • Inspections
  • Alarm systems



Health, dental, life, property, liability and fleet



The Milford School District has to keep an accurate account of all of its assets.  The Business office keeps an ongoing record of all items including the buildings and the contents within them.  These contents can include everything from furniture to computers to vehicles to equipment.



The Business office makes recommendations to the Milford Board of Education for the hiring and termination of classified employees.  These positions include secretaries, academic aides, mechanics, maintenance, and custodians.  The Business office provides training and professional development suitable for each position. 

Annual Reports
Asbestos Inspections
State law requires schools to annually inspect buildings for asbestos. This is the annual notification for the district- December 2010.