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Karen Hall
Transportation Director
Transportation Office: 575-1563

The district will continue to operate its transportation with a 3-tier system and consolidated stops.  This is a schedule of start/end times for each of the Milford schools:

Milford High School 7:15-2:05  

Milford Jr High 7:15-2:05  

Alternate School 7:15-2:05  

Success Academy 7:15-2:05  

Pattison 8:10-3:00 AM Kdg-- 8:10-10:50 PM Kdg--12:20-3:00

Meadowview 8:25-3:15 AM Kdg-- 8:25-11:05 . PM Kdg 12:35-3:15

McCormick  8:25-3:15 AM Kdg--8:25-11:05 PM Kdg--12:35-3:15

Boyd E. Smith 9:05-3:55 AM Kdg--9:05-11:45 PM Kdg--1:15-3:55

Mulberry 9:05-3:55 AM Kdg--9:05-11:45 PM Kdg--1:15-3:55

Seipelt 9:05-3:55 AM Kdg--9:05-11:45 PM Kdg--1:15-3:55

Preschool 9:05-3:35   AM--9:05-11:35   PM--1:05-3:35

The district did make changes to the system to operate it in a more fiscally responsible manner.  Transportation is operating in a 3-tier system to save on costs.  Transportation will continue to use consolidated stops also to save on time and expenditures.  The district has a contract with Petermann for the management of the department and the leasing of a majority of the buses.  Over the summer, the district also made a change in its contract with Petermann so that Petermann is now the employer of all of the transportation staff.  Milford drivers are now Petermann employees.  A list of "Frequently Asked Questions" is available by clicking on "Petermann Contract" on the right column for you to download to review the cost saving reasons the district decided to make this change.  


Petermann Contract
2009--Changes to Petermann Contract
The board took action over the summer to make contract changes with Petermann for the transportation department. This is a list of FAQ's that should answer many questions about this issue.
Transportation Request Forms
Alternate Transportation Guidelines
Parents must follow the guidelines when requesting alternative transportation options for their child
Alternate Transportation Request/Sitter Form
Parents should use this form for students attending Milford Schools in grades 1-12 who need an alternate transportation location
Preschool Alternate Request Form
Parents should use this form for any Milford Preschool student who needs an alternate transportation dropoff/pickup location
Kindergarten Alternate Transportation Form
Parents should use this form for any kindergarten students who needs an alternate dropoff/pickup location for transportation
Out of District Request Form
Request form for families with students who attend out of district schools.
Shared Parenting Transportation Request Form
This form should be used for families with shared parenting that results in a need for alternate transportation requests
Child Release Form
This form is for parents to fill out to provide the authority for other adults to pickup students and for drivers to release students to adults other than the parents