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Debbie Caudle


The Treasurer is responsible for the following:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Secretary to the Board of Education
  • Prepares minutes of all Board Meetings
  • Maintains district's accounting records
  • Plans and manages district's investment program
  • Receives all vouchers for payments and disbursements
  • Chairperson of Records Commission
  • Complete district's 5-year forecast and all state and federal reports
  • Member of Audit Committee
  • Provide in-service training for building secretaries and student activity advisors
  • Manage district's payroll system
  • Business and Records Committee

The Treasurer is responsible for the $53 million budget for the district. The Treasurer's Office manages expenses, revenues, and investments and the budgeting process for the fiscal year which runs from July 1 to June 30 each year.

Treasurer's Office Staff

Sadie Grindstaff
Assistant to the Treasurer


Julie Korzan
Secretary to the Treasurer

Pam Wilson
Accounts Payable

Nancy Gaible
Accounts Payable

Heidi Baechle
Payroll Manager

Linda Sheppard
Payroll Assistant

Budget Reports
Revenue and Expenditure Report
This report provides the latest monthly budgeted revenues and expenditures for the general fund by classification
Appropriation Account Summary
This report provides the current status of the general operating fund. Account appropriations, expenditures to date, and the current balance are reported by function and object for the general fund.
Treasurer Reports
MEVSD Fiscal Year 2013 Update with Graphs
Five-year history and five-year projection of General Fund revenues and expenditures.
Five-Year Financial Forecast
October 2013
Assumptions for Five-Year Financial Forecast
October 2013
Treasurer's Office
Independent Auditor's Report
Audit report of the district's basic financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2013.
Performance Audit 2008
Audit conducted by Ohio Auditor's office due to district's status in fiscal caution
Treasurer Responsibilities
Information about the duties and functions of the Treasurer
This is the federal tax form to change exemptions or add additional tax deductions.
Direct Deposit Form
Employees should use this form to change where their payroll direct deposit should go.
United Way payroll deduction form
Employees who would like to contribute to United Way through payroll should fill out this form.
403b and 457 Provider List
This is a list of companies approved that provide 403b or 457 retirement accounts.
403b Salary Reduction Agreement
Employees should fill out this form when enrolling in a 403b retirement account or changing an existing amount.
457 Salary Reduction Agreement
Employees should fill out this form when enrolling in a 457 retirement account or changing an existing amount.
Change of Address Form
Employees should fill out this form if they change their address.
Ohio IT4
Employees should fill out a new Ohio IT4 whenever the number of exemptions change.
Stop deduction form
Employees can use this form to inform payroll to stop a voluntary payroll deduction.
May 2013 Operating Levy
Community Finance Presentation
Levy Fact Sheet
Summary of Current and Future Budget Reductions